About Us


We have been established in St Ives for six years, with over 150 members, providing support, help, advice and TIME to each other. During the six years our members have shared over 6,000 hours.

We are now extending our reach to cover Fenstanton and surrounding villages and have rebranded as St Ives & Fenstanton Time Bank.

Timebanking in Cambridgeshire


The Time Credit systems work on a simple hour-for-hour basis: for every hour you give helping someone in your community you can either use that hour to get help yourself from another Timebanker, or you can exchange it for a Time Credit note, which you can then spend on an activity of your choice..

You can spend your Time Credits with a diverse range of partners across the UK who offer everything from swimming, to cinema entry, or to learning a language. Plus, carers or support workers are given free 2-4-1 entry when they accompany anyone who has earned Time Credits and needs a bit of extra assistance (Please call the relevant venue before visiting, they will be happy to help).

There are catalogues featuring the areas of the country where Time Credits are accepted and can be exchanged. First, decide which area you wish to visit (you don’t have to stick to the East of England, being our local area).

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