Current swaps

Urgent swaps:

Sewing face masks (non-surgical)

I received a phone call from a district councillor asking if we could coordinate an effort to make masks in bulk. There are plenty of patterns available online, and people are making them out of old duvet covers, shirts and whatever else is handy. Whether we can get hold of elastic is another question(!), but I really wanted to gather how many people may be interested or disposed to help with the sewing, then I will look into a collection and distribution of material etc. Then I will think about how we go on to distribute the masks to those that need them. Any ideas gratefully received.

Shopping, picking up prescriptions

We are being asked on a regular basis to help those self-isolating for help with a variety of tasks, including shopping, and picking up prescriptions. Specific details of each request will be emailed, but we are keen to hear from all Timebank members and new volunteers who are able to help.

Members are also regularly asking for help (subject to safe distancing and self- isolating) with:

    • Maths tuition
    • Learning English as a foreign language
    • Knitting & sewing
    • Embroidery
    • Photography
    • Gardening
    • Cleaning cars
    • Hedge cutting
    • Dog walking
    • Litter picking
  • HOME
    • Cooking
    • Housework
    • Ironing
    • Decorating
    • Lifts to/from appointments
    • Companionship
    • Spreadsheets (Excel)
    • Social media
    • Website design
    • Recruitment and interviewing skills, including CV preparation

For a full range of offers and needs, see the attachment below:

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