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Case study – Houghton and Witton Time Bank – a response to Covid-19

Recognising one of our own

As part of Volunteer Week we would like to recognise the hard work of Zo Weaver from St Ives & Fenstanton Time Bank

Zo Weaver set up St Ives Timebank on her own initiative in 2013 to provide support and community in the town and its surrounding villages.

Zo runs the Timebank in her spare time, alongside her full-time job in education. She organises regular events, updates and time exchanges for members – often taking part in exchanges herself.

The Timebank has been extremely active during the coronavirus outbreak, mobilising volunteers to help ensure people isolating in the area have had access to food and medicines, in particular. Some slightly more unusual requests have included emergency freezer defrosting and advice sought about an injured baby pigeon.

“I have been overwhelmed by the kindness and commitment shown by the St Ives & Fenstanton Timebank members during this very difficult time. I send out a list of requests, usually daily, and I have often managed to match members to these within minutes thanks to how quickly members respond to me. I feel very humbled to know so many brilliant people.”
The Timebank is supported financially and administratively by St Ives Town Council. It recently joined forces with Fenstanton Parish Council to create the St Ives & Fenstanton Timebank, so is now able to support even more people than before with a wider spread of members.

For more details on the Timebank, including how to join, visit: www.

A BIG THANK YOU from the community development team

Can you make facemasks?

I received a phone call from a district councillor asking if we could coordinate an effort to make masks in bulk. There are plenty of patterns available online, and people are making them out of old duvet covers, shirts and whatever else is handy. Whether we can get hold of elastic is another question(!), but I really wanted to gather how many people may be interested or disposed to help with the sewing, then I will look into a collection and distribution of material etc. Then I will think about how we go on to distribute the masks to those that need them. Any ideas gratefully received.

St Ives Foodbank

St Ives and Fenstanton Timebank is working closely with the St Ives Food Bank. There is a high level of demand during the Covid-19 crisis. We need your help.

Basic items and small packs are generally best especially those on the list below.

At the moment we need:

  • Long life milk
  • Tinned Fray Bentos, or similar, meat pies
  • Sugar
  • Tinned meat (corned beef, ham and spam)
  • Tinned tomatoes
  • Tinned peas
  • Packet rice (500g)
  • Tinned tuna
  • Carrier bags

Items may be left at The Vicarage in Westwood Road, St Ives, or at the Co-Op, Morrisons or Waitrose in St Ives or Tesco in Somersham where you will find collection points.

If you are unable to purchase sufficient quantities to make a donation you can always make an online donation as we have special arrangements with the supermarkets to procure supplies, subject to availability.

Please use the following details:

Bank – Barclays,

Name – St Ives Food Bank,

Sort code – 20-43-63

Account number – 13183149

About St Ives Food Bank

Since opening in 2013 we have fed over a thousand people. These are people in our community who have hit hard times. During these unprecedented times, demand is currently high. The Food Bank serves everyone in crisis.We provide enough food ‘basics’ to provide a nutritionally balances diet for a minimum of three days. The packages are designed for emergencies and contain a small range of ‘must haves’ for those who could not get by without.

Support for the Rosie Hospital staff

So chuffed that so many St Ives & Fenstanton Timebank members donated items to help exhausted midwives, doctors and support staff at The Rosie Hospital. I delivered this haul to one of our members who is a midwife today and there were 2 other bags waiting on her doorstep. You’re a really, really lovely lot! Thank you xx

CalmTown – St Ives

I am sure you are all aware of CalmTown and the crucial work the organisation is doing in St Ives to confront isolation and mental distress. It is signing up to be a Timebank organisational member so there will be lots of ways in the future for you to get involved. Find out more: or

Timebank in Cambridgeshire: impact survey results

The impact of time credits in 2019

“I am delighted to share the results of Tempo’s 2019 annual impact survey. This year we have highlighted some of the standout results, including the positive impact of Time Credits on skills development, health and well-being, and social isolation. 

We work with independent evaluators to measure the impact of our programmes, and our 2019 evaluation survey has been completed by over 800 people.

We continuously explore ways in which we can improve our impact data, and this year we have also been testing a baseline and follow up survey approach, findings from which will be published in early 2020. This has provided a huge amount of learning for us, including some of the barriers our volunteers can face in taking part in impact evaluation.

Tempo is now focusing on how a digital approach to Time Credits can improve data and insight, enabling us to both improve programme delivery and demonstrate our impact more effectively. We look forward to sharing our new digital strategy with you soon.

Finally, a big thank you to our funders, partners and everyone involved in earning and spending Time Credits.”

Ian Merrill, Tempo CEO

To view the full report:

Click to access Tempo_Time_Credits_Impact_Report_2019_A4_1010.pdf

St Ives and Fenstanton Timebank takes part in Cambridge Festival of ideas

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